Planning a special gift for Valentine’s day is always confusing, and if you don’t want to go the traditional way, a wise idea is to take your beloved for a couple spa session. Spas and wellness centers have changed the way we look at relaxation. While there are varied types and forms of spa treatments available, nothing really beats the new-age experience of Nordic spas. Some of these Nordic spas, also called thermal spas or Finnish spas, are known for being great destinations for rejuvenation and relaxation, where you can take the day off and spend time with your loved ones. For occasions as special as Valentine’s Day, a trip to known spas like can be engaging and relaxing, and here’s more on the basics.

Why go for a Nordic spa with your date?

While most spas do have scope for couple sessions, not all are the same. Nordic spa is more about an experience than the massage itself. In fact, traditionally speaking, the massage is not a part of the experience. Nordic spa is based on thermotherapy, which is all about alternating hot and cold sessions. Typically, it all starts with a nice hot sauna bath, usually in a thermal pool, where you can spend time with your love, following which you both can go for a cold bath in an outdoor pool. Nordic spas feel better when you have someone to relax and enjoy the experience, given that it is not a standard spa session.

Book in advance

Nordic spas are in great demand, and some of these spas are known for the services on offer, which include massages, beauty treatments and couple therapies. Keeping in mind that Valentine’s Day is a special day, it is a good idea to book your experience in advance. The best spas are located at exotic destinations, which is why these centers only accept limited bookings for special days, holidays and weekends, because the experience is also about ambience and atmosphere. If you are keen on staying for two days, you can check for accommodation or find one nearby, but make sure that you have the bookings done.

Finally, keep things fluid. You may want to experience more than just the Nordic spa experience, because the food and other services at these wellness centers are worth every penny spent. For the day of love, give your beloved a slice of calm atmosphere and assured rejuvenation.