Nobody wants to face the reality that they’re getting older but it is just that – a reality.

If you’ve noticed a few new lines and wrinkles and your skin just isn’t as elastic as it used to be, know that you’re not alone and that there are ways to turn back the clock and enhance your appearance.

Everyone ages differently but there are some basic tips that will ensure your skin looks and feels great regardless of your age.

6 Anti-Ageing Skincare Tips

Understand How Skin Ages

By having a thorough understanding of how your skin will age, you’ll know exactly when you should start seeking treatment and what treatments would work for you. Sagging skin, age spots, wrinkles and broken blood vessels are all common signs of ageing. Along with doing your own research online, speaking to a dermatologist is also helpful.

Find a Top Anti Age Clinic

Partnering with a reputable anti age clinic is one of the best things you can do for your skin. A tailored treatment plan that has been developed in conjunction with a qualified clinician is the perfect complement to your at-home skincare regime.

Take a Gentle Approach

Certain chemicals and ingredients can exacerbate certain signs of ageing. Before you continue using or start using a new skincare product, check the label for harsh ingredients that could damage your skin. You should also make a point of washing off chemicals from chlorinated pools following your swim to keep your skin protected.

Invest in a Quality Moisturiser

Dry skin is far more likely to show signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles but a high-quality moisturiser can prevent this from happening – it will also reduce any signs of ageing that are currently showing. If you are willing to invest in a good quality moisturiser, rather speak to your clinician about the options that are best for your skin.

Quit Smoking

Yes, this is not always something smokers want to hear but you will never understand the difference that smoking makes to the health of your skin until you quit or even cut back. It has been proven that smoking does cause wrinkles and at a much faster pace than general ageing. Other studies have also shown that smoking can even accelerate sun damage. If you are willing to quit smoking, you will be amazed at the difference it will make to your skin.

Use a Quality Sunscreen

Using sunscreen on a daily basis is a must if you want to enjoy youthful skin for longer. Sun exposure does accelerate the ageing process and even if it’s cloudy outside, you should always apply sunscreen before you leave the house. Australia’s high temperatures make this particularly important. Along with wearing sunscreen, it’s also a good idea to limit your sun exposure in general and to use hats, sunglasses and clothing for additional coverage. Again, speak to your clinician about a good-quality sunscreen during your consultation.