In honor of getting my own dot com I am sharing the wealth with you guys! I have added a lot more polishes!!! and reduced prices!!! Check it out!

For those of you that follow me on Facebook know that I had some issues with WordPress and had to get more storage/hosting details ironed out as well as I got my own domain. My very own Dot com. If you are currently a follower you do not need to make any changes you will automatically continue to get emails every time I post. If you accidentally type in the old address you will also be redirected to the new site. My new site can be found at if you look at the address bar you are already here!!!

See below for LOTS of new polishes added, a huge sale. This is just a post so please be sure to check the actual blog sale page for updated inventory. Thank you!


My nail polish shelf is becoming quite full, with a collection as full as this, its hard to wear all of these colors!!! I am going through and picking out ones that I used once, swatched and didn’t end up liking etc.

Please email me at to place your order and check availability with the subject Blog sale (Availability last updated 8/16/14) . Thanks!

Please read the conditions carefully. You must send me an email if you are interested in purchasing anything. Please note purchases are for US customers and International (Please see below for International Rules) All US purchases will be sent an invoice for the amount with shipping and the package will go out once paid in full.

** International shipping ** I unfortunately cannot control the growing shipping prices. If you would like to make an International purchase, I will send an invoice for the polish and/or plates once I get an exact quote from the Postal Service. From there, I will ship your package upon payment in full.


I feel my prices are pretty fair so please no negotiating on the prices.

$8 MINIMUM PURCHASE, PLEASE. (before shipping costs)

All polishes were purchased by me unless otherwise noted, and all have been swatched unless otherwise noted.


These are all *MINI* sized Urban Decay Wrecked (swatched on swatch stick) $1.50 ($4.00 Retail) /Lush Lacquer Thanks a latte $1.50 (used once) ($5.00 Retail)/ Lush Lacquer Black Friday (used once) $1.50 ($5.00 Retail)/  OPI Into the night $1.50 (swatched on swatch stick) ($4.25 Retail) **$5.50 for all**


Julep Glenn (see line in picture) $4.50 ($14 Retail) Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe $8.00 (used once) ($17.00 Retail) **$12.00 for both**


  Butter London Leccey $6.00 ($15.00 Retail)


Loreals:  Stroke of Midnight $1.75 (used once) ($5.99 Retail) /Wishful Pinking $1.75 (used once) ($5.99 Retail)  After Hours $1.75 (swatched on swatch stick)  ($5.99 Retail) **$5.00 for all**


Essie’s: Shearling Darling $3.25 (swatched on swatch stick) ($8.50 Retail) / Find me an Oasis $3.25 (used once) ($8.50 Retail) **$6.00 for both**


Nicole by OPI Sing you like a Bee (used once) $3.00 (avg $6.00 retail) / Jessica Crimson Tattoo $2.00 ($3.25 Retail) / I Love Nail Polish – Absolute Zero Discontinued hard to find (swatched on stick) $5.00 ($10 Retail) / Sephora by OPI – Underwater Fantasy $2.50 used once ($5 Retail) **12.00 for all**


OPI’s Here today Aragon Tomorrow (swatched on swatch stick) $4.00 ($8.50 Retail)/ See you Later Sailor $4.00 (used once) ($8.50 Retail)/ Lincoln Park After Dark $4.00 (used once) ($8.50 Retail)/I Sing in Color (swatched on swatch stick)  $4.00 ($8.50 Retail) / Vampersterdam $4.00 (swatched on swatch stick) ($8.50 Retail) **$19.00 for all**


(2)  OPI’s Honk if you love OPI $4.00 ea (one brand new the other swatched on swatch stick) ($8.50 Retail) **$7.50 for both**


(older) Nina Ultra Pro (used once) $2.00 ($5.00 retail) / Revlon Beach (used once) $1.75 ($4.99 Retail) / (older) Nina Ultra Pro (see line in picture) $2.00 ($5.00 retail) **$5.00 for all**


Sonia Kashuk’s: Bewitched $1.75 (used once) ($4.79 retail) / Peachy Keen $1.75 (used once) ($4.79 Retail) **$3.00 for both**


Funky Fingers: Vivid $1.00 (swatched on swatch stick) ($2 Retail) / Venom $1.00 (swatched on swatch stick) ($2 Retail) /Confetti $1.00 (swatched on swatch stick) ($2 Retail) **2.50 for all**

IMG_6934Milanis: Foxy Ladyy $0.75 (used) ($1.99 retail) / Pool Party $0.75 (used) ($1.99 retail) **1.50 for both**


Crackles and Shatters: OPI Pink Shatter $1.00 ( swatched on swatch stick) ($4.00 avg retail) / CG Black Mesh Crackle $0.75 (used once) ($2.50avg Retail) / CG Crushed Candy Crackle $0.75 (used once) ($2.50 avg Retail) / CG Broken Hearted Crackle $0.75 (used once) ($2.50 avg Retail) / OPI Silver Shatter $1.00 ( swatched on swatch stick) ($4.00 avg retail) **$3.50 for all**


Color Clubs; Diamond Drops $2.75 (used once) ($8 Retail) / Mrs Robnson (swatched on swatch stick) $2.75 ($9 Retail) **$5.00 for both**


Ulta’s Sweet Nothing (used once) $3.00 ($7.50 Retail) / Material Girl $3.00 (used once)  ($6.00 Retail) /Femme Fatale $3.50 (brand new) ($6.00 Retail) / Ginger Peach (see line in picture) $2.00 ($7.50 Retail) / Howl at the Moon (Swatched on stick) $3.00 ($7.50 Retail)  / Pink Marble (swatched on stick) $3.00 ($7.50 Retail) **16.50 for all**


OPI’s Black Spotted $5.00 (used once) ($10.00 avg retail)


KB Shimmer Let’s get Star-ted (swatched on stick) $4.75 ($8.75 Retail) / Barielle Jess’ Champagne $4.25 ($8.00 Retail) (swatched on stick) **$8.00 for both**


Zoyas: Summer $4.50 Brand New – unopened ($9 Retail) / Codie $4.50 Brand New – unopened ($9 Retail) / Ray $4.50 Brand New – unopened ($9 Retail / (mini) Noel $2.00 (swatched) / Faye (swatched) $4.50 ($9.00 Retail) / Kissy $4.50 (swatched on swatch stick) ($9 Retail) / Mia $4.50 (used once) ($9.00 retail) **$27.00 for all**


Orlys:  L.A. LaShay (used once) $2.75 ($8.00 retail) / Golden Halo $2.75 (used) ($8 Retail) **$5.00 for both**

IMG_6950Maybelline Sterling Silver (used once) $2.00 ($4.99 retail) /  NYC East Village $1.50 (used once) ($1.99 retail) / Maybeline Purple Possibilities (shatter-swatched on stick) $0.50 ($2.99 retail) / Covergirl Mint Mojito (used once) $1.75 ($3.99 retail) **$5.00 for all**

IMG_6953Jessie’s Girl Confetti (used once) $2.25 ($4.99 retail) / Avon Vamp it up (used once) $2.75 ($6.00 retail) / NY & Co Oceanic $1.25 (swatched on stick)  ($2.50 Retail) / NY & Co Aquarelle $1.25 (swatched on stick) ($2.50 Retail) **$7.00 for all**


China Glazes: Dorothy who $2.75 (used once) ($6.50 retail) / Whirled Away $2.75 (used once) ($6.50 Retail) / Prism  $2.75 (used once) ($6.50 Retail) / Trench Coat $2.75 Brand New – unopened  ($6.50 Retail) **$10.00 for all**


Wet n’ Wilds: Designated Driver (used)  $0.50 ($1.99 Retail) / Paying with Platinum $0.50 (swatched on swatch stick) ($1.99 Retail) / The Parking Meter Expired $0.50 (swatched on swatch stick) ($1.99 Retail) / Don’t be Cheesy (used) $0.50 ($1.99 Retail) **$2.00 for all**


Shimmer Marilyn (used once) $5.00 ($12.00 retail)


Five Below Hot Pink (swatched on stick) $0.75 ($2.00 retail)

IMG_6966Jordana Calcium Gel (used see line) $1.25 ($3.00 retail) / Revlon No chip top coat (used see line) $2.75 ($4.99 retail) / Jordana Base Coat & Nail Grow (used see line) $1.25 ($3.00 retail) **$4.75 for all**

IMG_6960Sally Hansen’s Tangerine Joy (used see line) $2.25 ($4.99 retail) / Blizzard Blue (used see line) $1.25 ($2.99 retail) / Magnetic Gray (used once) $1.50 ($3.99 retail) / Plum It (used see line $2.25 ($4.99 retail) / Mocchachino (used see line) $2.25 ($4.99 retail) **$9.00 for all**


Seche Base Coat 3.00 (brand new) ($7.99 Retail)/ Nail aid Peeling Nal base $2.50 (used see line) ($6.50 Retail)/OPI Natural Base Coat (used see line) $5.00 ($9.50 retail) / Nailtiques Formula 2 plus $1.75 (used see line) ($9.50 Retail) /NailTek Intensive Therapy (used see line) $4.50 ($10.95 Retail) **$15.00for all**

Stamping Plate mix-matched Bundle 28 Plates (Cheeky & MASH) for $10.00 (See below for which ones are new and used) **SOLD**

SHIPPING for polish/plates: $3.00 for first item and $.50 for each additional item (Rate will go down to .25 for each additional item if more than 5 items are ordered). Invoice will be emailed and will include shipping  and other fees. All US packages will include tracking unless otherwise asked for. If you do not want tracking I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for package as at that point it is out of my hands. Thank you. Shipping is not negotiable.  These prices are for US only. **International customers will be billed upon the cost from USPS. No shipments will go out until both the invoice for the product and the one for the shipping is paid in full.

Polishes will be shipped in a bubble wrap mailer unless you request a box for an extra charge. Each polish will be wrapped in bubble wrap. Once the polishes are out of my hands, I will not be responsible for any lost or damaged packages. I will provide you tracking if in US, from there it is USPS responsibility. Unfortuntely for International there is no tracking available so it is really up to the post office, again I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages abroad either :/ I keep all of my receipts for packages that I have mailed. If you request no tracking, keep in mind if your package is lost, there is no way for me or the post office to track it.

Payment: Paypal Only. I must receive payment within 24 hours of invoicing or else I will cancel the order and re-listing the polishes–no exceptions.

Feel free to email me at to place your order, or if you have any questions. Thanks!


Depression Awareness Mani

Last Sunday, I did the green nails for Depression / Mental Health Awareness. Liquid Sky Lacquer created three very special polishes in honor of Robin Williams to help promote awareness for Depression and Mental Health. As I said in my other post this hits very home to me, so many people I know suffer from some sort of Mental health issue, PTSD, Depression, that I want to spread the awareness any way I can. You would think that since Depression is such a well known thing that it doesn’t need the awareness. but I think it’s because Depression is so ‘well known’ that people sometimes ignore it, don’t get treated, write it off as nothing, etc. I know it’s hard, but if you are suffering, please seek help, please talk to someone, even if you have to start somewhere small; and if you know of someone going through any kind of depression, please help them through it any way you can!

A total of 100% of the proceeds will be donated: 50% will go to the Families For Depression Awareness, and the other 50% will be donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Her first restock she was able to donate $975.10 to the Families for Depression Awareness in honor of Robin Williams and the same amount was also donated toward the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline also in honor of Robin!

This is such an amazing cause and I am so happy to have contributed to it even in a small part. Hopefully my posts are helping to raise awareness to those that needed to see that people care and that there is hope! You are not alone!

I purchased both O’ Captain! My Captain! and Genie, You’re Free! I layered one coat of Genie, You’re Free! overtop China Glazes’s Resolution a gorgeous cobalt blue.




I absolutely love this layered over the cobalt, it really brightens the other blues and the other glitter fleck colors. How can I not love glitter that’s also for a good cause, something so true to me.

Liquid Sky Lacquer is doing another Restock August 23rd at 2PM PST, Don’t miss it!

CND Vinylux Update

We got back from our trip to Maine late Monday (8/4), were off from work Tuesday, back to work Wednesday. I took the polish off finally on Tuesday night after being on there since the previous Monday! I forgot to take pictures every day like I had promised but I can tell you I was very pleased and I do have a day 7 picture for you!

Just so you know, I did work two days after I put this polish on, so I typed a lot, and usually that’s what wears down my polish on the tips.. that didn’t do that this time. On our trop, we went sailing, ate lots of seafood, climbed a mountain, so I used my hands a lot and still after all that the wear and tear was not too shabby in the end. In my other post, which you can read here, Ginny suggested that natural light is the way to go as far as drying. So perhaps my next vacation I will try the other CND I got and will try that drying out.

As I stated, this is not a gel polish, so it didn’t destroy my nails, had minimal wear and tear at the end of the 7 days, kept it’s shine using their top coat. All in all I was pretty impressed. See for yourself!

So like I said this is the tips after day 7 for those of you that wear the same polish for 3-4 days especially my fellow typers or office workers know this is the look after 2-3 days.

Sorry for the delay in getting you guys this update, as I said in past posts and on my FB page, I was having some WordPress and blog issues, hence the new dot com and new website! But I’m back now :)

Stamping Saturdays #fightforlightandlive

Hey guys! It’s Stamping Saturday! Feels like forever since I’ve done this since I missed last weeks! Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten to do my CND Vinylux review I’ve just been busy since we got back from vacation working on the new blog. Have you checked out the new Facebook page? Also if you notice I got my own dot com, revamped the layout and Esther and I worked on creating my very own custom Header for both! (She’s really reasonable if you are in the market for one yourself or any other graphic needs!) I’m so excited! :D

I got some stuff over at Lacquer Me Silly’s Blog Sale and I think my favorite thing that I got was a special surprise pick from Frosso herself (I think Margo really picked it out) ;) It’s KB Shimmer’s The Dancing Green! Wait till you see how gorgeous it is! This polish couldn’t have come at a better time! :)


With the sudden loss of America’s beloved Robin Williams there is finally more light being shown on Mental Health of all kinds. It hits very close to home for me as several very close family members suffer from different types of depression. On FB and Instagram there is a green mani day to show your support and help raise awareness for Depression/Mental Health. You can see the details here. My hope is that people suffer from depression seek help. It is so hard sometimes to realize how bad your depression has gotten the deeper you go, just remember you always have support and there is NO shame in seeking help! PLEASE DO!


My Mental Health Awareness mani for #fightforlightandlive is one light coat of Milani’s Fresh teal with two coats of KB Shimmer’s The Dancing Green. I also stamped PUEEN41 using Sephora Formula X’s Pedal to the Medal



IMG_6974 IMG_6978 IMG_6979 IMG_6984

So what do you think of this gorgeous green? Will you be showing support and helping to raise awareness for Mental Health this Sunday 8/17/14 ?

Don’t forget to check out my blog sale, I added about 50 new polishes! Once I am done swatching the Nordic set I just might be putting some of them up too! ;)


The Lacquer Ring – Geometric

So like I said most of the girls were slackers.. LOL so you are seeing our Nail art challenge this week instead of last. As you read this I am driving to Maine to celebrate my 10th wedding Anniversary with my husband. They have an Annual ‘Lobsterfest’ among other fun things. From what we’ve heard, it’s absolutely stunning there, so I cannot wait to arrive.

I’ve been wanting a couple of the OPI Coca-Cola collection colors and after lots of searching finally got the ones I wanted. I got Today I Accomplished Zero and Green on the Runway.  Green on the Runway is absolutely stunning, its such a gorgeous green! This color is perfect for fall but I could not wait to use it.

Just as Chartreuse was Jess’s pick, the nail art challenge is hers too and she picked Geometric. I did two coats of Green on the runway and stamped Essie’s Good as Gold using my MoYou stamp. I hope this is geometric enough for ya Jess ;)




Well there you have it. Check out the other lacquer Ring girls for their take on geometric!

CND – Vinylux

My local polish enabler (my girl at my CosmoProf) talked me in to trying the new Vinylux line by CND. I know them for gel polishes and so just wrote the line off when I originally saw it. She mentioned that it’s a line of regular polish however its supposed to last 7 days. Hmm.. I am intrigued, okay, I will give it a whirl.

As I mentioned I am going away for a couple of days so now is a good time to put this polish to the test!

The polish is called Vinylux Weekly polish and suggests that you also use the topcoat along with it… okay I will try both together to get the full effect (my girl also mentioned she has used it over other brands and held up just the same). The instructions are pretty easy.. two coats of the polish and one of the top coat.

So far off the bat, I am missing my Seche Vite something fierce! Usually I do my nails around 7-8P before bed after I have made dinner, cleaned up etc. So the Seche helps dry super fast so that I can do other things and/or go to bed without having to worry about smudges or sheet marks.. This is not the case for Vinylux! :(

One coat of the Vinylux dried fairly quickly, then once I added the second it seemed to take forever to dry so I put my hands under my fan like at the salon to hopefully speed it up. I am not saying I am not an impatient person but especially when you use Seche, all other brands and polishes without it seem like they take forever! This was at least 10 minutes that it was still wet or damp that I was worried about putting on the top coat. So I finally put the top coat on and it took even longer. One hour… yes one HOUR later I still smudged one after top coat and putting my hands back under the fan. NOT a fan of the drying time right off the bat! :(

I LOVE the color I got, reminds me a lot of OPI’s Pompeii Purple, I chose CND’s Tutti Frutti. It’s a bright pink with that slight purplish shimmer to it like Pompeii Purple. Tutti Frutti is more of a Barbie Pink, especially with my new nail shape I feel like I have barbie fingers. lol I also put other polishes to the test, well not really since it’s over CND anyway… I painted one coat of Cirque’s XX on my pinky as an accent.

So here is Day 1 of the shade, I will take pictures day 2-7 and will post a recap post when I get back next week to let you know if the ridiculous slow dry time is worth it, for those of you that want your polish to last 7 days without the gel mess and damage.

Of course this was one of those ever so hard to capture polishes!! ugg!


You can see a little more in this one the purplish kind of tone it has to it which is what reminds me of Pompeii Purple



As I write this post today is technically day 2, so I will take another picture tonight and will until I get back from Vacation. As I said when I get back I will do a recap post letting you all know how it fared.

As you can imagine, I won’t be able to do Stamping Saturday this week, but be sure to check out the other girls involved!! Also check back tomorrow for The Lacquer Ring’s Nail Art collab post.


The Great Polish Giveaway of 2014

I was invited by Nail Polish Canada to nominate a polish for their Great Polish Giveaway of 2014. NPC has partnered with Cirque Colors, NCLA, & Picture Polish to host the biggest giveaway ever. As more bloggers participate, the lot of polishes grows and grows! One winner will take home up to 200 nail polishes from over 10 brands!

I added Cirque’s Lichen



For swatches of this, click the picture to be brought to The Fancy Side.

For more details on the giveaway, click here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway <<- Click here to Enter through Mae’s Beauty

-Open to US and Canada only

-You can enter through my link, through any other contributing bloggers links, in addition to NPC’s links.

-One winner wins the whole prized lot!

-All bloggers even if they nominated a color may also enter through the above methods.